Volunteer for Mental DIY

We're looking for ideas and content in any area of social good. People can send us as much or as little content as they like. People who volunteer are 12% more likely to find employment. However, volunteering can be difficult to fit into people's schedules. Here at Mental DIY you can help us develop content remotely at any time, and in any area you're passionate about.

Help us with:
- Mental health or neurodiverse themed art.
- Education content (references are needed for 3rd level content).
- Education/awareness content for non-academics.
- Advertising MentalDIY.com on social media.
- Developing audio or video content for existing or new content.
- Supporting us with IT development for social good projects e.g., we have designs for reading aids.
- Recommendations for other online resources that we can advertise.
- Proofing content.
- Brainstorming or identifying problems in society.
- Recipe ideas for neurodiverse tastes.
- Refining a draft play on mental health issues.
- Send us puns or jokes.
- If you're in Limerick in Ireland you can help us distribute mental health leaflets into waiting room areas. They have interesting facts to get attention and contact details for local services.
- Opinion/news pieces for our blog section.

We're open minded so give us other suggestions if you have any. Reach out with the contact form, or email us at info@mentaldiy.com You can also support our social good efforts on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/MentalDIY