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"Falling in Love" by David Tierney

Falling in Love

In life there’s nothing sweeter nothing cuter than an enthusiastic hobbyist female parachuter. At about twenty past two she fell out of the blue, and captivated by one another’s charms she fell to my arms, and broke every bone in my body. But as a trained nurse she was none too shoddy so we moved to her lobby completely happy. No greater rush, the thrill of her skin, pure adrenaline, literally because she had access to that sort of thing. Medical cocaine heroin any methamphetamine. While high and demented she invented the procedure to transfer pregnancy into the male body… I was the guinea pig whose tummy grew big and dig this, I thought I was just getting fat. 9 months later, she broke the news I’m ready to swoon things happening too soon out of the baby blue. No answers to find, questions plaguing my mind. What am I going to tell my parents, who weren’t exactly expecting this? Like what exit is the baby planning on using, cos its navigation skills will have to be amazing? Upon examination I got a C-section and the tabloids went wild over the birth of my child. Some said this goes against the gospel, how is this possible, who is the father, and who is the mother but… who cares where it came from, its colour, gender, or creed, right now this little bliss is all I need, pure innocence toothlessly smiling up at me, beautiful. The embodiment of potential, no need to get racial, it’s the mind that matters to make us poor or great and we all start with a blank slate so I’m going to paint love over those eye blue hues and I hope the world will too, thank you.

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