Heroes of the Month

This section is to recognise volunteers and members of the community who went above and beyond to help out social good causes.

Adam Doherty 300 x 200
Adam Doherty

Massive thank you to Adam for helping with IT related issues in the background.

Hero of the Month for September 2023.

Paige for Mental DIY hero
Paige Maher

We are extremely grateful to Paige for contributing opinion pieces to our blog section. She has also helped a number of charities in Ireland such as Clare's Wish and Limerick Animal Welfare.

Hero of the Month for November 2023.

Mike Daly
Mike Daly

The community is incredibly grateful for his efforts to highlight the problems in the Irish healthcare systems.

Hero of the Month for October 2023

Nick Rabbits for MentalDIY hero
Nick Rabbitts

We wanted to recognise Nick for his work as a journalist. He has helped raise awareness about a variety of social good issues over his career, and has helped advertise Mental DIY.

Hero of the Month for December 2023

Hero of the month Jan 2024
Robert Kelly

Robert deserves mountains of praise for his sustained contributions to the development of social good content.

Hero of the Month for January 2024.

Suzanne Roche, CEO of Limerick Gateway to Education charity
Suzanne Roche

Suzanne is the founder and CEO of the Gateway to Education charity in Limerick. She has helped hundreds across demographics to gain access to support (e.g., education, economic, and special needs) through a variety of services and projects.

Hero of the Month for March 2024.

David McWilliams
David McWilliams

David McWilliams is a famous journalist, economics expert, and writer. We were particularly appreciative of his podcast raising awareness about drugs and related issues that can inform policy: https://shows.acast.com/the-david-mcwilliams-podcast/episodes/202440-the-opium-wars

Hero of the Month for May 2024.

Mindy Pillow
Mindy Pillow

Mindy has been helping multiple groups for social good ideas, and has gone out of her to check up on the mental wellbeing of others including neurodiverse groups.

Hero of the Month for February 2024.

Brian 300 x 200
Brian Hayes

Brian has been constantly raising awareness on social media about issues impacting Ireland. He given support to countless individuals who have reached out for help.

Hero of the Month for April 2024.