The DSM is the 'diagnostic and statistical manual for mental disorders'. The ICD refers to the the 'International Classification of Diseases'. This includes global standards for health conditions in respect to diagnosis, treatment, research, and reporting guidelines. This includes mental health and behavioural disorders. Reporting standards are usually designed for trained experts. The aim of this section is to provide information on different conditions and related topics in an easy to understand way with audio and visual aids where appropriate. This section also highlights example controversies and limitations of diagnosis standards. This is intended as a general introduction for both neurodiverse and mental health topics. This is for educational purposes and is not intended as a replacement for a professional service.

Controversies (examples)

This section contains a few examples and is not an exhaustive list. Some DSM panel members have had financial ties with pharmaceutical industry. Follow these links for research examples in this area: OR Some argue that co-operation is to be expected between industry and researchers. Others argue this is a potential conflict of interest and that DSM panel members should be obligated to disclose any ties they have. In the DSM5 many changes are controversial. Asperger's syndrome was removed and placed under the umbrella of autism spectrum disorder despite the syndrome not having a delay in language or congitive development. The threshold to be diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder was lowered. Some argue this could increase the risk of misdiagnosis with everyday worries. A lot of research was done by neurotypical researchers processed by neurotypical reviewers and does not control for potential neurotypial biases. The DSM can be a useful aid for trained experts but it is not perfect.

Links to Different Topics

This section contains links to different mental health and neurodiverse concepts. It includes practical advice for non-researchers that gets to the point. The education section of this website is for posts with more context and academic citations for different topics. The DSM is subject to change (estimate time of update is March) and can cost over 100 euro excluding delivery. The ICD is subject to change (estimated time to be updated is January). ICD content can be accessed directly here:

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