Comedy Resources

This section contains links to random finds on the internet. It is well documented that laughter can help relieve stress and support positive mental health. Hopefully something here will bring a smile to your face. Send on any recommendations if you have any:

Please let us know if any links are out of date.

Free online


Love Advice from the Great Duke of Hell. Originally the full version was on webtoons with an astonishing high rating from readers. The first part is still available on the webtoons site. This source of hilarity is now being turned into a seven book series. I will be buying a copy the moment it's available (someone PLEASE message us a source when it's available).

Recommendations that might be on your streaming service

If you have a streaming service I recommend looking to see if they have:
- The Good Place
- Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
- Boston Legal
- The TV series Trial and Error (there's a film with the same name that's completely different)
- Pushing Daisies
- The Daily Life of the Immortal King (animated)
- Brooklyn Nine-Nine
- Man Seeking Woman
- What We Do in the Shadows (both the film and TV series)
- Inside Job (animated)
- Good Omens
- Dilbert
- Yes Minister (1980)
- Yes Prime Minster (1986)
- Full Metal Panic Fumoffu (animation). Fumoffu is the second season of Full Metal Panic and is very different from other seasons. The English dub is fantastic and even the translation of language based jokes in a fantastic manner.