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Our aim is simply to make life easier and happier. Services can be difficult to find and information can be worded poorly. We identify problems in society, develop solutions, and promote wellbeing. You’re in the right place if you’re looking for free entertainment, education, career support, or mental health information.

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David Tierney Volunteering in Wales 300 x 200
David Tierney
David is the founder of Mental DIY. He has appeared on various media outlets and won a number of volunteer awards for his work in psychology, education, and various communication disciplines. He has helped people across demographics and contexts for interdisciplinary social good causes. Support Mental DIY and other social good projects on Patreon.
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Mindy Pillow
Mindy Pillow
Mindy is our main contact in America. She is a digital media and integrated marketing professional. Her wide range of experiences include research, journalism, editing, and social media. Mindy also has experience engaging with neurodiverse populations.
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Adam Doherty 300 x 200
Adam Doherty
Adam has a strong background in software development. He has extensive experience in academia, volunteering, and the technology industry. This includes supporting projects involving healthcare systems, fitness, and mental health.
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Brian 300 x 200
Brian Hayes
Brian is a mental health advocate who has appeared on various media outlets including newspaper and radio. He has done a number of interviews and videos to raise awareness for mental health and related areas such as drugs and homelessness. He has experience working with charities, social media, and supporting positive political change.
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