Marketing for Social Good

In today's world, the influence of marketing goes far beyond the sales of products or companies’ profits. Businesses and organisations all around the globe are beginning to use marketing to not only promote their products and services but also to promote social issues and bring about a significant change in
our society. Today's consumers are more socially conscious than ever before; they look for brands that align with their personal values and beliefs. The merging of marketing and social good is something that changes perceptions, influences our behaviours, and inspires us to take action. By using the power of
marketing to our advantage, we can help improve company sales and brand awareness while also bringing about a meaningful social impact. This movement towards socially driven marketing has the possibility of driving positive change globally.

There are numerous examples of companies that have run marketing campaigns for social good. An example is the “Doves Real Beauty” campaign. In the early 2000s, Dove conducted a study that revealed that only 2% of women believed themselves to be beautiful. Dove wanted to challenge traditional
beauty standards and help women see themselves as beautiful. They did this by creating TV ads, billboards, and print ads featuring women of all ages and diversity's rather than your typical supermodel you were used to seeing in ads. This campaign was a huge success.

Another example is the “Always Like a Girl” campaign. It first launched in 2014, and its main aim was to demonstrate the negative impact the saying ‘like a girl’ has on young girls. The initial campaign began with a video showing the differences between how younger girls and teenage girls reacted when asked to throw like a girl. It sparked conversations about gender stereotypes and empowering young women.

Brands running campaigns like this help to start conversations and raise awareness about important social issues. It allows the business to be authentic, which in turn boosts their customer loyalty. If you feel you can trust a brand, then you are more willing to shop with them. It also empowers the consumers of these brands and inspires them to be the change in the world.

In conclusion, businesses using marketing to bring about social good is extremely beneficial to creating positive social change in our world. Marketing is a very powerful tool, and brands that we trust hold a very high influence over us, so their use of this gives them an opportunity to address social issues and
inspire change. In this new age where people are calling out social injustices they are witnessing in our world and people are searching for ethical brands to purchase their products from, businesses need to be socially conscious. The end goal will be a world where businesses main focus is not profits but helping bring social change to the globe.

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